The Wiichihiikaanish Propagation Experiment

Wiichihiikaanish (Water parsnip - Sium suave) is an indigenous plant that grows on the near-shore along the coast of James Bay. Elders and land-users of Chisasibi know Wiichihiikaanish as an important food source for migratory waterfowl (especially Canada Geese (Branta canadensis)).

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The Growing tent is located at the James Bay Eeyou School where we grow the wiichihiikaanish and the students will be able to participate in a workshop with our staff for educational purposes. 


This experiment conducted by the Chisasibi Eeyou Resource and Research Institute will test the productivity of this plant and its potential for enhancing waterfowl habitat and hopefully attract more geese every year.


The next step to the wiichihiikaanish propagation experiment will be to plant them in a coastal marsh and measure their survivability.

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This partnership is between:


James Bay Eeyou School