The CERRI Research Team

Dante Torio,PhD

Marine Biologist and Spatial Ecologist

Dante joined CERRI in 2019 after working for many summers along the eastern coast of James Bay during his post-doctorate. He is responsible for research on coastal ecology and focuses on ecosystems that support waterfowl and fish habitats. Dante collaborates with Chisasibi land-users to develop and conduct environmental monitoring and baseline studies on the territory. Dante trains young land users to use scientific instruments in the laboratory and the field and develop innovative ways to monitor ecosystems based on Cree's traditional ecological indicators.

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Nicholas Chakapash

Piishipuishtikw (CH6 Trapline) Coresearcher

Nicholas joined CERRI in Spring 2021 as the co-researcher from the Piishipuishtikw (CH6), his family's trapline. He is currently training on using scientific instruments and conducting environmental sampling along the James Bay coast. Nick participates in water quality analysis, plant and fish analysis, and ecosystems mapping. He is learning Javascript to analyze satellite imagery using Google Earth Engine, a cloud-computing platform. Apart from doing environmental research, Nick plays a critical role in the community by helping to analyze wastewater for COVID-19 indicators.


Jesse James Scipio

Aachikuunikip(CH7 Trapline) Co-reseacher/ Lab technician

Jesse James Scipio joined CERRI in the summer of 2021 as a co-researcher from the trapline Aachikuunikip(CH7). He is currently training with CERRI on using scientific instruments to monitor  James Bay coastal environments. JJ works with Nick on the COVID lab, constantly monitoring the community wastewaters for signs of COVID. JJ is trained in basic fishery science and specializes in fish otolith preparation and interpretation like Nick and Eddie.  

Preston Bobbish

LA-1(Trapline CH27)
Co-Researcher | Project Manager

My name is Preston Bobbish, I work for CERRI (Chisasibi Eeyou Research and Resource Institute); located at
commercial centre downtown area. I currently am doing a project on hydrogeology within the Chisasibi
traplines and currently learning more on how to work with QGIS. I find hydrogeology will be an important
subject in the coming future