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Join Our Community Greenhouse Program: From Seed to Harvest


Join our journey of growth with our Community Greenhouse Program! We're inviting all green thumbs, gardening enthusiasts, and anyone curious about sustainable agriculture to participate in a hands-on experience that takes you through every stage of plant growth. Whether you're an experienced gardener or a curious novice, there's something for everyone.

Workshop Series:

Our program includes a series of workshops covering various aspects of greenhouse gardening:

  • Seeding: Learn how to start your plants off on the right root! Early April.

  • Germination: Discover the secrets to successful sprouting.

  • Transplanting: Gain insights into when and how to give your plants their forever home.

  • General Care & Maintenance: Tips and tricks to keep your plants happy and healthy.

  • Harvesting: Experience the joy of reaping what you sow.

  • Preserving: Learn methods to enjoy your harvest all year round.

  • Making New Seeds: Save seeds for next season's planting.

  • Hydroponics Growing: Explore soil-less gardening for year-round produce.

Community Participation:

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Take seedlings home to nurture.

  • Share in the harvest—enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor!

  • Join our email list for updates on future activities and workshops.

Sign up now to get notified about each workshop time, and first opportunities to attend:

Don't miss out on this green opportunity! Our first workshop on seeding is coming up in early April. To join our program and be part of our community agriculture journey, sign up now and ensure your spot on our email list for all future activities.

Contact Information:

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