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Progress Update: Building Grow Beds in Our Geodesic Dome

We’re excited to give you all an update on the construction of our grow beds inside the geodesic dome. The work is coming along, and we’re happy to share some details and our latest milestones.

Insulation Completion

We've completed adding insulation to the exterior of the base frame. This layer is critical for maintaining consistent temperatures for the plants, especially during the cooler months.

Construction Materials and Design

The grow beds are being made from wooden frames, and we'll line them with metal to ensure durability and longevity. There's a need to source a few more 2x4s to finish the frames, but the structure is coming together as planned.  If you have some 2x4’s to donate let us know:-)

Bed Arrangement

Centrally located within the dome, we have four main beds — two that are 12 feet in length and two that are 9 feet. They're sized for optimal growth and arranged for ease of access.

Biodigester Installation

At the back, we're planning to install a biodigester. This will not only help us produce compost for the plants but also serve as a thermal mass to regulate the dome’s temperature.

Water Access

The purple cone in the image marks where we'll install a water tap, essential for easy watering of the beds.

Future Planting

We're considering planting a tree later in the year in the center of the dome. Likely candidates include an apple tree grafted onto plum roots for enhanced cold hardiness.

Soil Foundation

We've sourced old branches nearby which we'll chip down to create a layer for the base of the beds. In addition, we're looking into installing tubes at the bottom of the beds to improve soil aeration.

We're thrilled with the progress so far and can't wait to start planting. We'll keep you updated on our journey, and we look forward to sharing our experiences as we continue to build and grow.

Hope this update gives you a clearer picture of where we are in the construction process. Thanks for following our progress!

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